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The shower tile of the Aquanit series is an innovative solution creating a fresh and modern look in bathrooms with the level design which allows practical and direct entry to the shower area. The Aquanit series makes it possible to create a comfortable and accessible environment in bathrooms.

The easiest way to hygiene in bathrooms...

AquanitAquanit Porcelain Shower Tile, which is used to create aesthetic and functional spaces in homes, hotels, hospitals, gyms and many other areas where we take shower is an ideal option for a practical, healthy and unobstructed bathroom experience. Smart solutions are now applied in all areas of bathrooms, making it easier for people with long or short-term illnesses, the disabled, and the elderly to meet their daily cleaning needs on their own Turkey’s first and only porcelain shower tile, Aquanit, creates design integrity in your bathrooms with its various patterns such as marble, concrete and wood.

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Turkey’s first and only porcelain shower tile, Aquanit, creates a design integrity in your bathrooms thanks to its various patterns such as marble, concrete and wood.

Porcelain Tile
100% porcelain Aquanit, which offers all the properties of porcelain to bathrooms, continues to preserve its color and pattern structure for many years in all shower areas where it is used, with the advantage of using porcelain compared to alternative materials.

Level Flooring
It is very important that the shower area is smoothly separated from the rest of the bathroom area with a floor that has a anti-slip (wet/dry) coating. Aquanit, with its level flooring design that has no threshold or level difference enables both the elderly and the disabled to enter the shower area much more easily with the help of a supporting material (with walkers or wheelchairs).

As it is produced with a special non-slip surface, it is safely possible for all members of the family to take a shower in the bathroom without slipping. Thus, the unhygienic anti-slip materials are not needed for the application anymore.

It provides complete hygiene in the shower area, where it is very critical, with its drain design that has minimized the areas where dirt can accumulate compared to old- style shower channels and its one- piece structure that does not require any jointing.

Due to the feature of the porcelain tile, its water absorption value is close to zero and it is dirt and stain proof. Thanks to its resistance to chemicals, it makes cleaning the bathroom much easier.

Integrated Drain System
As its floor is inclined towards the drain, there is no accumulation of water in the shower area, and the water does not overflow. Thanks to its unique integrated drain system, it can be used safely in your bathroom with its water-proof structure.

Easy Application
Aquanit has been designed to be easily applied. With its single-piece body, outlet and siphon elements are conveniently installed.

Technical Specifications

  • Anthracite

  • Cream

  • Grey

  • Light Brown

  • Taupe

  • Vizon

  • White

  • 80x120

  • 80x80

  • 90x135

  • 90x90

  • Matt

  • Concrete

  • Homogenous

  • Marble

  • Wood

  • Bathroom

  • Commercial Areas

  • Outdoor

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