Following the innovations in the modern production technologies and adapting these into its existing technopark promptly, and as a result, continuously developing its strong infrastructure, Seranit draws attention as the leader of the firsts in the porcelain tile sector:

  • The first factory of Turkey producing technical porcelain,
  • Seranit generates inovative products like Super White with sustainable product developments and improvements in R&D.
  • The first company putting on the market, the technical porcelain series in the sizes of 60x60 cm and 60x120 cm and, by breaking new grounds in 2007, the technical porcelain in the sizes of 90x90cm and 90x135cm, in addition to the standard sizes, together with different color and finish alternatives,
  • The company bringing into the sector the innovations and facilities with the application techniques developed in the exterior façade applications,
  • The brand preferred with priority in the projects, thanks to its product range outstanding with its rich color and size alternatives, trend-setting designs.
  • İzmir, Adana and Maslak Stores were opened.
  • A showroom in Dubai TTC, and offices in America and France were opened.
  • The 6mm collection had its roll-out.

The first step into the retail world was taken with the opening of the Istanbul Bostancı Store.

As part of the corporate identity conversion year, all our brands were gathered under a single roof, under the name of Seranit.

While enabling current and potential Seranit users assess the complete product range as a whole, brand perception and positioning were also strengthened and consolidated.

  • Produced the first and only 40x120 wall tile in Turkey.
  • Launched the first and only shower tile in the world: Aquanit.

Won 3 Red Dot Awards and 5 IF Design Awards.

Seranit Building Instruments included Oxipaint Ecological interior paint in its Ecological Products category to eliminate bad odor, bacteria and mold formation.

Seranit Group celebrated its 20th anniversary. With the 'Architects of the Future' project initiated to honor its 20th anniversary in the industry, Seranit Groups aims to support the design and architecture students who are to change the skyline of cities in the future.

Considered as a sustainable social responsibility project, the 'Architects of the Future' was started to support the education of 200 students with financial difficulties, beginning from the First grade to their graduation and even until they begin to work. 12 prominent names in Turkey, six of whom were architects, were gathered for the project.

Highly-experienced architects such as MelkanTabanlıoğlu, Mustafa Toner, Dara Kırmızıtoprak, Gökhan Avcıoğlu, Eren Yorulmazer and Hakan Ezer came together with Derin Mermerci, Aliye Simavi, Bettina Hakko, Murat Tabanlıoğlu, Emre Toner and Ruken Mızraklı, and prepared 6 different designs with Serra and Seranit products, which create a difference in the visual aspect and which are noted with the messages they contain.

Wood and concrete-like series, which have shaped the global trends, took their places among Seranit Porcelain designs.

Vanucci Kitchen & Bathroom brand has also joined among the brands of Seranit Group.

Seranit Porcelain further expanded its product range with the Natura Series, which includes 18 different stone designs.

The nature finds a place in the living spaces with the colors and designs on these series with exact natural stone appearance inspired by the nature. Natural stone tiles, with a great advantage due to an extensive application area in decoration, create the best option for both home, restaurant, store and façade decoration.

Seranit Group developed and introduced Oxicoat Ecological Plaster, the groundbreaking product in the building industry with the elimination of malodor, bacteria and mould formation.

Bahar Korçan and Serra, the two innovative brands of the world of design, created the collections ‘My Fairy Tale’ and ‘Hope’ as a result of a strong cooperation based on perfection, success and authenticity.

Seranit Group penned a 6-year sponsorship agreement with Archiprix-TR, once again proving its support for design students.

Seranit launched its new brand, Serra Ceramic. Serra aims to become one of the key players in the global ceramic market in the near future owing to its approach to the design, quality and technology, and its commitment to production according to the highest standards.

While Serra offers better aesthetics and solutions to sector professionals with its unique and larger sizes, it also intends to set itself apart in the sector with the techniques, qualities, designs, colors and textures utilized.

Produced SeraVista, a durable new generation of stairs that are very different than standard counterparts. Added NeoSera to its collection, a digital series produced by using inkjet technology. Luna, bringing the image of the moon to the rooms, Nares, the reflection of natural stone on porcelain, Storm, adding dynamism to the serenity, Terra with its modern interpretation of mosaic, and Troy with its gray spiral pattern, were the products that determined the trend of the next year at the end of 2010. Seranit reached 65 countries through its continuous export success. Increased its number of overseas showrooms to 58. Italy Rome was the latest showroom to be opened. Heated Tile and Heating System Automation investments, which will be revolutionary in heating systems in the coming periods, have been completed to a great extent.

Stood out with its extraordinary designs both for interior and exterior applications by following global trends closely. Added 10 new series to its product range with its in-house R&D and P&D studies and by cooperating with the leading design agencies of the world. Metallic effect Burgundy series, glittering Elite and Steel series, Papiro and Gold series consisting of warm colors, and Convex series, where the decor on the surface is evident with different light angles, took their place among the new product series. In addition, Calcata and Seramarmi, both of which can be produced by very few companies in the world, and offered with the harmonious combination of porcelain and glass produced only by Seranit in Turkey, were included in the new collection. Reached 254 points of sale in 45 countries, and achieved a 30 percent growth in export with its successful export activities, despite the global crisis. Took its place among the highest growing companies in exports through this growth rate. Signed contract to produce porcelain tiles for giant chain stores in the world was well as many significant international projects.

Seranit, took its place among the largest porcelain tile factories in Europe, featuring a production capacity of 8.5 million square meters, all under one roof. Has become an important brand in the international arena with the success achieved in export activities, by offering a wide range of services to its customers with a product total of 44 series, 27 of which are new, and more than 2,500 color and effect options.

Broke a ground by launching the 90x90cm and 90x135cm technical porcelain series available in different color and finish alternatives. Began export operations.

Has become the largest technical porcelain tile manufacturer in Europe, with a production size of 8.5 million square meters. Has become a pioneer in the sector with its high-tech applications in different colors and sizes of floor and wall tiles and especially in exterior systems, with its in-house R&D and P&D studies.

Seraline mosaic and Seracrosta Series (60x60) were produced in different sizes. Seranit broke new ground globally by prioritizing system development efforts alongside its product development endeavors: The "Serastone System", which comprises 23x46 Seranit products with 555 color alternatives, were developed and applied to all external surfaces.

Serawood, Seralava, Seranart Series and Serena series in different sizes and colors were included in the product range.

The Everest Series in 60x60 and 60x120 sizes, with its powder effect technology, the Inca and Aztec Series in 33x33, 33x50 sizes, as well as the Rainbow Series in 46x46 sizes, all leading products in the market, were added to the portfolio.

The attractive Flower Series, offered in a variety of dimensions — 33x33, 33x66, 46x46, 60x60 — and suitable for use in various areas, was produced.

Seranit joined Sinpaş Group in 2001. The Serena Series and Super White product, now a generic name throughout the world, were produced in sizes 33x66, 60x60 and 60x120. The Golden Plumb Award, which is considered to be the Oscar of construction industry, was granted to Seranit in the same year.

Production capacity reached 2 million square meters with additional investments. Took its place among the important players in the market with 5 series, namely; Classic Series, Charisma Series, K-2 Series, Prestige Series and Antislip.

Reached a production capacity of 1 million square meters by making additional investments.

Seranit Granit Seramik Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş. built Turkey's first granite ceramic factory on an area of 102 thousand square meters in Bilecik Organized Industrial Zone with a capacity of 500 thousand square meters.