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Heat, sound, and water insulation mix that is strengthened with special light aggregates and chemicals and applicable in the form of mix with a single layer.

Used as internal or external plastering on walls that require any kind of heat, sound, and water insulation.It can also be used on plastered surfaces.

-Gives the nature of water insulation to the applied surface.
-Allows the building to breathe with its diffusion feature.
-Provides sound insulation with its cellular structure.
-Provides heat insulation and contributes to budget by lowering the cost of heating and cooling.
-Does not contain chemicals dangerous for environment and human health.
-Non-flammable and fireproof.
-Easy to prepare and apply. It is prepared by mixing with water.
-It is light and does not put too much stress on the building.
-Provides 50% more saving of time compared to alternative applications.
-Applied homogenously.
-Therrralbridge does notcx:cur becausethere is noneed formontagewith suture,middle.Nare,and peg.
-Creates a fire barrier.

All layers of dust,oil and other substances must be cleaned from the surface by washing or blasting method. Clean the loose parts with mechanical methods until a solid ground is reached. For painted surfaces, roughen the surface with chipping method, and obtain adhesion by forming a surface of adhesion for SERAMONT PLASTER. And as for absorbent and slippery surfaces, the surfac
must be undercoated with SERAMONT GROSS CONCRETE LINING.

Pour the whole bag of heat, sound,and water insulation mix into the mechanical mixer and add water 60% of the bag's weight. Mix it for 5 minutes until the material becomes homogenous. Since the mixture will solidify due to waiting during procedure,you can
use it again by mixing mechanically for 2-3 minutes without adding water.

It can be applied as 2 em layers with a plastering machine or steel trowel. Lightly moistening the surface will help material to stic
to the surface better.

Technical Information:
According to (TS EN 998-1) (Al. Tl, CSII, Wl) standards. Color:
Dry Density:
Amount of Water to Add: Spread of Fresh Mix:
Heat Transfer Coefficient: Sound Insulation Value: Water Vapor Permeability: Water Absorption:
Adhesion Strength of Hardened Plaster to Substrate: Compressive Strength:
Fire Class: Application Density: Shelf Life:
Environmental Temperature:

25 kg Bags
:s:300 kg/m3
%60-65 Liters of water/ 25 kg
(143 - 144)mm (± %1)
18 db (1,5 em/500Hz) IJ:S;15
:s:3 kg/m2 per 1,00 em thickness
CSII Non-flammable, fireproof (A-1)
2 em (Single Layer)
12 months (humid and dry environment)


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