SERANİT MATERIALI DA COSTRUZIONE / Pannello O Di Riscaldamento DRC Seranit
Pannello O Di Riscaldamento DRC Seranit
Now you have a very elegant, practical and economic alternative other than the traditional heating methods:

Seranit DRC Heating Panel

Porcelain tiles are converted into heating panels thanks to the technology of Seranit which is developed at its own facilities. Seranit DRC not only provides warmth to the houses but also elegance with its extremely decorative options such as porcelain tile, tempered glass and stainless steel.

Seranit DRC, easy to install and use, which does not require any maintenance, is presented with analogue and digital control alternatives.


Striking and harmonious with the spaces with its aesthetic structure… Just like an accessory complementing the decoration, rather than a heater…


It warms up your house safely with its thermostatic heat control. It does not consume the oxygen in the medium; it does not cause odor, soot, dirt and bacteria formation. It does not dry the air, does not cause headache and respiratory problems.


By transforming almost 100% of the electricity into heat, it uses energy efficiently and effectively, and consequently contributes to the economy of the country. It is more economical when compared to the alternative energy systems.  Even if the system is shut down, it preserves and continues to radiate the heat for a long time. It is composed of panels operating independently, which also enable regional heating.


Thanks to its structure containing soil minerals and FIR rays generated by these minerals; it is a nature-friendly product which does not cause "electromagnetic" pollution and carbon monoxide gas.


Thanks to its Far-Infrared (FIR) wavelength, it can penetrate into human body and it is a source of health for a variety of diseases from bone development to cell renewal, from rheumatism to muscle pains.


It offers a comfortable heating by providing a homogenous  heat distribution.

Seranit DRC has countless advantages!
  • It provides the same heat at the same time from any point.
  • It transforms almost 100% of the electrical energy into heat.
  • Since there is no burning, it does not reduce the oxygen level of the room.
  • It is nature-friendly and hygienic. It does not allow bacteria and microorganism formation in the medium, and it does not threaten health.
  • It does not cause any change in the rate of humidity.
  • It does not cause a burning feeling on the skin, headache, dry throat and burning eyes.
  • It is an environment-friendly product which does not cause electromagnetic pollution.
  • It offers more homogenous and comfortable heating with its wider surface.

Diseases which FIR Infrared rays are known to help in treatment:

Technical Properties

Size : 60x120 cm
Power: 880 w
Voltage 220-230 v
Frequency 50 Hz
Protection Class 1 Class, IPX0
Fuse Current 6 A
Heating Area 10-12 m2
Heating Surface 60x120 cm
Control System Digital
Remote Control Yes
Overheat Protection Safety Yes
Surface Temperature Adjustment Yes
Equal Temperature Spread Yes
Smart Programming Yes
Number of Different Programs 4
Decorative Appearance Yes
Quick and Easy Installation Evet
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