The Most Ideal Solution for Flooring Materials: Ceramic

The Most Ideal Solution for Flooring Materials: Ceramic

Ceramic is an alternative for all types of flooring materials. While replacing wallpapers and paints on walls, ceramic also serves as a durable and hygienic alternative compared to many materials from parquet to marble, concrete and carpets.

Although straw, cork and paper fibre wallpapers are healthy, they lose their durability in time due to moisture and start to swell. Vinyl and PVC coated wallpapers are resistant against moisture and can be wiped but they lose their fire-resistance quality during this process. On the other hand, an increase in the vinyl ratio deteriorates the breathing capacity of walls due to the reduction in the use of natural materials.

However, ceramic is durable, wipeable, fire- and flame-proof. Ceramic doesn’t lose colour, texture or fire-resistant qualities when wiped. Ceramic is made of natural raw materials.

The wall tile series of Seranit offer colours and patterns achieved with wallpapers and are ideal for domestic use owing to the durability, easily cleanable and moisture resistance qualities.

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