8th of ‘The Projects Changing Ankara 10/10’ forums is organized

The eighth session of ‘The Projects Changing Ankara 10/10 Forums’ implemented by Seranit Building Group was realized at the Turkish Contractors Association General Central Building on November 28th, 2013, Thursday.

The eight session of “The Projects Changing Ankara 10/10 Forums” implemented by TSMD (Turkish Independent Architects Association) Architecture Center and sponsored by the leading company of the construction sector, Seranit Building Group was organized on November 28th, 2013 Thursday. In the session of this month, ‘Turkish Contractors Association General Center’, which is a sample of a project which can change not the city but our design habits and a sample of a green building, was examined on site by the speakers and the participants.

The program which started with the building trip was moderated by Prof. Dr. Ayşen Savaş, faculty member of ODTÜ. The speakers of the session in which all the processes from demand to design, from design to application were discussed parties of the project were: Yeşim Hatırlı, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of TSMD, Mast.Arch. Ekin Ç. Turhan, the Chairman of the Executive Committee of Architecture Center, Emin Sazak, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of TMB and the representative of the employer, Arch. Selçuk Avcı, the Founder of the Project Designer AVCI Architecture, Arch. Ozan Turhan, the Project Manager of the Representative of the Contractor MESA Mesken A.Ş., and the Mech. And Elec. Engineer Patrick Bellew, the sustainability consultant of the project.

In the forums which are organized each month since January 2013; the city, the dynamics of the main axis, their development, change and the current and future anticipations are examined over a new project for which the construction is in process. The forums bring together the architects and the stakeholders of the sector within the frame of a healthy dialogue and criticism and target to shed light to the architectural development of the capital. The sessions which provide an environment for sharing the discussion of all the stages, problems and solutions related to professional production and the processes, also guide the students of architecture and the beginners of the profession. 


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