Seranit's dealers serving country-wide came together in Antalya

The leading company of Turkish ceramic sector Seranit organized its dealers meeting this year in Antalya Gloria Golf Resort Hotel between May 28th - 31st with the slogan "Power, Trust, Development" with the participation of 150 dealers


In the meeting, detailed information was provided with respect to the evaluation of the year 2008, the plans and targets for 2009 and 2010, new series, domestic and international market conditions and marketing strategies.


The General Manager of Seranit Hamdi Altunalan evaluated the activities of the company in the presentation he gave during the meeting and described the targets of 2010; "Despite the global crises which influenced the whole world in the last quarter of 2008, 2008 was a very positive year for Seranit. 2008 was a year in which we got the results of the investments we realized, products we developed and R&D studies we carried out since 2006 and provided 30 percent growth when compared to 2007 and acquired a turnover of 114 million liras." Altunalan continued saying: "We estimate that this rate shall go up to 40 percent by the end of 2009. Our target is 60 percent export and 40 percent domestic market. Today we reached 83 sales points in 46 countries. We aim to raise the number of export countries, which is 46 currently, to 70-75 by the end of the year and we hope to achieve this by the end of 2010”.


Altunalan, who gave information about the dealers of Seranit in his speech, said that they target to reach 1000 targets before the end of this year, that they started structuring works in 81 cities, 974 counties within this scope, that they conduct a preliminary study for about 600 dealers currently and that they work hard in order to achieve these targets.


Detailed information was provided by the directors of the relevant departments about 'Serahome' mainly and 10 new series created for 2009 developed by special design offices of the world as based on the global trends.


Additionally, the presentations which were prepared in order to create a difference and develop strategies appropriate for the domestic and international markets in this sector in which competition increases each day, were shared with the dealers. At the end of the organization, the General Manager of Seranit, Hamdi Altunalan, gave plaques and awards to the dealers which were successful in 2008.


By the end of the meetings, the dealers let off steam of an intense work term at the series of activities organized by Seranit and a night organized specifically for the dealers and had the chance to rest in a pleasant medium.


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